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10 Sustainable Gift Packaging Ideas in a Time of Environmental Crisis


With the summer holidays in sight, time to spend with family and friends is about to come. Even though it is quality time and we cherish it for the rest of the year, but there is something more important than the time spent with them. At this time, and in all the other good times, we look forward to the gifts. Not just that, they are more important than the time spent; they are also more memorable and probably long-lasting too.

When we are talking about gifts, we are also talking about the box in which it will be packed. When we are opening that box, deep down, we feel that the experience of opening that box is even more important and telling than the gift itself. If that experience is not pleasant, we sure won’t be much pleased with what is inside, and that will be an unfortunate ending of the story.

custom eco-friendly boxes

Talking about gift boxes, nowadays, sustainability is a hot topic. Not just is it discussed at political and social forums, but also at our dining tables, and we all are well aware of the crisis that we have created ourselves. Admittedly, we do not want to contribute any more to it, and it is why we are so much conscious about the sustainability, and the eco-friendliness of whatever we use.

But in the gift packaging, which is supposed to be aesthetic, will the sustainability of the boxes affect the beauty of them? If it does, there is no point using them, but what if it makes it even more beautiful, and what if it offers an opening experience that you have never witnessed before? Let’s discuss the few sustainable gift boxing ideas.

While we were talking about custom eco friendly boxes in the packaging,  Furoshiki is not a box. It is traditional Japanese cloth wrapping of the gift, which has epitomized the concept of reusability. While there are stores from where you can buy new and attractive Furoshiki clothes, you always have a choice of reusing the cloth left from your previous project. Either way, the cloth in which the gift will be given can be used over and over again and that too without harming the environment.

With the variety of techniques available in it, it lifts the burden of cutting it in accordance with the size of the gift, and a fine cloth can be wrapped perfectly over a smaller gift with the right technique. That is not all, however, and you can use Furoshiki is a headscarf and handbag. So, when we are talking about Furoshiki, we are not talking about just a piece of cloth, but a tradition. A tradition that teaches us to value the things in life, a tradition of humbleness, and a tradition of caring for the very environment that we are living in.

Bioplastics may sound like plastic, but they are made of organic and replenishable sources of biomass like wheat protein, milk, etc. They are an essential part of eco-friendly retail packaging in the genre of gifts, and their popularity is increasing day-by-day. However, not all bioplastics are biodegradable, which is where we have to be more careful about.

The use of bioplastics in gifts will be effectively minimalist and would reflect sustainable packaging practices. The boiling process used in producing the bioplastic packaging material reduces the air pollution, and most importantly, the absence of synthetic plastics lifts the heavy burden from the environment.

Edible Packaging:
Kind of packaging that you can have, and eat it too, edible packaging is much like eco-friendly bakery packaging. It offers a complete biodegradability that starts and ends at you without harming the environment a bit. The best form of recycling that one can imagine is the one that is happening in your gut, without involving any external procedures, and it is precisely that.

Many coffee outlets offer coffee with an edible cup, and they are very trendy these days. But since we are talking about the gift packaging, the brighter ideas that you can put forward in it will work. For example, you can send your partner a gift wrapped in a box that is edible and is a flavor that your partner loves. It will not just carry your gift, but also a particular taste alongside it.

Plantable Packaging:

A plantable gift packaging shows how green is your love, and the studies suggest that the greener it is, the stronger it is. Well, not any studies or researches, but it is common sense talking. Many chocolate makers offer a packaging that will grow into a variety of flavors once planted. Similarly, other companies are offering green and plantable packaging ideas to ensure that the environment is well protected and the seas stop choking on the plastic. 

Sustainability is not a trend anymore, but a necessity!

It is something that is expected from every responsible resident of this planet. If you are sustainable in your everyday matters, like the gift packaging, you are doing your part in saving the planet. This push of expectation has moved the big names to green solutions, and they couldn’t have survived if they resisted. It tells you how strong and powerful this push is, and how even the tycoons can’t resist it. The eco-friendly wholesale packaging industry has boomed as a result, and it is making sure that more and more plans use eco-friendly options in the packaging.

While we are discussing the sustainable packaging solutions, it would be unfair not to bring the corrugated boxes in this debate. They are made of recyclable cardboard material, which could be recycled up to eight times. Apart from offering the sustainability in the packaging of the gifts, corrugated boxes also offer them protection due to their strength. They are an epitome of custom eco-friendly boxes since the extent of customization that they offer is infinite, and it is what that has made them a dream come true for packaging providers.