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521 No Redirect Entry for this address


I’ve got issue with emails. I’m not receiving emails to my Google mailbox.
I’m getting this error below

521 No Redirect Entry for this address

Can anyone told me how to set up properly MX records? Any examples?

I would be more than happy with your help !


In the MX records that are provided with your DNS Zone, there is an MX record that is automatically added, which you need to remove if you are not using an OVH provided email.

For example we use Gmail Business Apps. As you should only have one set of MX records for one provider, if you have ‘’ in your error message - via Google then you have mixed up your records and need to remove it.

The google MX records are readily available for google email, just google them. Ensure you have copied over the destination and the priority as per the instructions on google setup. They have the details for configuring ovh for google for business email.

The reason i’m writing this is because I realised this was the problem after receiving the bounce back email from a client. I looked up for an answer but didn’t find one, so added it here.

Hope this helps,
Cheers JK


Hello. I am getting the same issue. I am using OVH Email itself. And i am using the OVH Webmail. I am not able to receive any emails in my ovh mailbox


Hello friends. This was a temporary issue and it happened for a newly purchased domain. After few hours, the email-id became active and i was able to send and receive the mails properly.


My account was bought months ago, and still I’m getting this error, not sure if @VikasP you’re right on this one.


I’m also having the same issue… trying to sort it out but not much information on this topic


I have the same issue. The domain was created recently (2 weeks ago). Is it something to do with any settings or is it an issue that I should report to OVH?


I’m getting this error, not sure if you’re right on this one.