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A problem receiving servers



Hi how are you everybody or any public employee
Everyone is clearly having trouble buying and providing service
There is a delay of several days, and I don’t know if it is late
I bought 7 days ago and there is no activation or response from helpers or anything else. The situation is silent
And I do not like this, for this reason?
Upon purchase, activation will be read 72 hours to receive the service
But without any apologies, news or logic interpretation, no
We don’t know what’s going on
Payment was just a few seconds without problems, and this was something special for you
But we are waiting for days, we also have projects and works
I apologize if my words are illogical, but this is correct
I did not like the service because of the delay and because of the lack of response or any explanation when buying it will be delayed

Number: 127212096
Date: 27-05-2020 23:01:58