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Acceptable use question - Private email server?


Hello, we have a computer user group with about 400 members. We are wondering if it would acceptable under your terms of service and otherwise, to run a private email server for our members on one of OVH’s dedicated servers.

At the moment we are looking at your “So you start” or RISE dedicated servers to do this. We would install a open source web email front-end and email software on the machine to allow our 400 users to register for email accounts, then send/receive from their addresses at our domain. Email accounts would be used by our members for their own personal use, the number of emails sent would probably only be a few per week, for each registered user. The system would not be open for public registration. We would shut down anyone we notice sending an abnormal amount of emails.

Please let us know as we did not see this specifically addressed in your terms of use…we wanted to ask about this before ordering the server, also to be sure the email send/receive ports would not be blocked.

Thank you!