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Access to my storage_backup from VPS


I’ve got a dedicated server with standard storage_backup (where are my precious daily backups) and one VPS server (with several IP-Failover IPs). I can set access to my storage backup only from my dedi-server IP or VPS IP-Failover IPs (I cannot see my main VPS IP).
Both servers have Windows Server, my question is how can I get my backups from my VPS Server?
I guess I need to set a route to storage_backup which will see my Failover_IP (not the main IP) , but how to do it?


I’ll answer mysef: there is a flag SkipAsSource=True/False which can be set on any IP by powershell
If SkipAsSource is enabled (True), the IP address won’t be used by the system for outbound connections

A commnad to display the list of available interfaces:
Get-NetIPAddress | ft IPAddress, InterfaceAlias, SkipAsSource

A commnad to disable outbound traffic by IP
Get-NetIPAddress | Set-NetIPAddress -SkipAsSource $False