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Account closed by support without refund and not my problem its login portal password problem



I have a worst experience happened for me here in this platform and the support team don’t want help me after opening about more than 10 tickets over a month and half .

On 7/2/2023 i purchased a 3 month VPS and i have after installing my vps due login problem that i know it happened due changing url i should use and i used instead my account with the correct password (and saved to my password manager) didn’t work at all and the password reset system didn’t work for me too .

i created a new account to reach the support team . i start talking with them and after 2 days with no response and help i asked them to send me a reset message for password . they told me that i want to send a message to validation team and i sent after 7 days nothing happened i opened a new ticket and after 1.5 day the told me that they closed my account because its fraud . i explained to them what happened on one ticket of them they told me the i should now replace the email i created to reach support with the closed email and this happened and i transformed it to new email and i created about more than 7 tickets to tell hem to refund me my account is closed by them and the broken system is the problem and in the end after more 15 ticket the ignored all of my tickets and the amount paid to them without help or refund and its about more than month and half the problem stills .

i hope this message reach the admins and refund me the amount i paid and i had to inform you that this problem still happening for me and the other i created a new email to use to login to community

the order no that had the problem is 14811730 and the closed account id is cf326024-ovh

i hope you improve your system and customer support team (CA) very bad platform and after sale services


Waiting for help thanks