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Adding domain from DNS zone to ovh hosting


Hello, have problems with adding a domain to ovh hosting.
So, what I did:

  1. Created a DNS zone for both domains in ovh
  2. Edited external name servers old provider to ovh ones: and
  3. Pointed A record to hosting ip for both dns zones
  4. Waited 30h :slight_smile:
  5. For hosting in MultiSite added both domains

Results: Domains seems to be added, but not available for edition or deletion. After few hours the record is deleted, no error message. Nada.
What could be wrong? Have somebody a similar problem?


I have exactly the same problem. I am trying to move a Wordpress site from IONOS without service interruption. I have followed the instructions at [] in detail, but the domain will not redirect. Message from browser is ‘this site can’t be reached - the server IP address could not be found’.