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All our OVH IP's are listed on UCEPROTECT



I’m new around here and I wish to know if any of you are also with the same problem as I am. I have a dedicated server with OVH and I have around 60 dedicated IP’s. Last week all these IP’s where listed on the UCEPROTECT blacklist.

OVH says that they do not pay for any IP to be removed from UCEPROTECT or any other blacklist but they forgot to mentionn that my IP’s are not the only one listed.

I’ve quickly check OVH.PT and OVH.COM IP’s and test them on the UCEPROTECT and they are both listed there. Also tested the IP of the 1st dedicated server I had with them on 2017 and it us still listed on UCEPROTECT.

From what I can check, the majority or the all OVH IP’s are listed on UCEPROTECT.

So, can you please confirm if this is also happening with you? Because they do not take any action to solve it, they say that the IP owners (them) can’t do anything that it must be the IP users (the clients) to take the actions.



Hello @CarlosO,

This phenomenon is known and already taken into account by our technical teams.
However, this is an issue for which we do not have a resolution date to announce.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.



Is this a community forum or tech service? I’m asking because my topic is not visible to anyone besides me and OVH Staff, it seems that all is very well filtered.


This is a community forum and no posts are filtered on it.

Again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.