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[ALPHA] On-demand bare metal instances in Public Cloud


Hi all,

We are happy to start the Alpha on a very expected new product, the bare-metal instances on Public Cloud offering the power of dedicated servers though Public Cloud (OpenStack) APIs.

You’ll find more information on the lab web page.

Here, we’ll exchange about your needs, use cases, issues and features requests.



It seems that the debian 10 template is timing out after a few minutes. Ping loss and no way to recover access except by rebooting.



Thanks for the feedback, can you please give us the instance uuid so we can investigate ?


We just applied for the alpha, do you know how long before we can get an answer (negative or positive ?). We’d be very excited to try the product for our project …



Hello Charles,

Thank you for your interest, I added the region “BHS-IRONIC-LAB” on your OpenStack project.

Have a nice day.



Thanks, I can see the region ! I cant create users in my openstack project yet, not sure why. I have opened a ticket (9745465134) to solve that, hopefully will be able to try as soon as a user can be created…


Working now, thanks for your support by mail.


I mentioned this in my recent pre-registration submission, but two of the three links provided on the form for specifying what type of instances you would prefer to see in the future are no longer valid:

“Check out those examples: Mission critical | Powerful computing capacities | Multipurpose”
[the last link works, although it is not to a specific machine; I can only post two, as a new user]

I’d suggest not linking to specific servers, but either giving their capacity or maybe linking to the ranges - i.e. HG, Advance, Rise, Infrastructure. Of course using ranges is confounded by the fact that the ranges are not specific to hardware configurations, but rather differentiated capacity/capabilities outside the server, such as bandwidth and backup provisions.

Which begs the question, do instances have a common provision for public and private network speeds - are they part of the “cloud range”; or are they part of specific dedicated server ranges they come from? (The alpha instance seems to be a withdrawn EG-256-L with the lowest NVMe SSD option.)

I suspect servers with NVMe or at least SSD will be in demand, not HDD. If you want a dynamic server, you don’t want to spend an age filling it up. But perhaps I’m just thinking of my use-case?

In any case, thank you for offering us the opportunity to try this out and give you feedback.


Is the alpha still available?
I’m very interested in these features!


I’d be interested to know, too, as I did not receive an answer to my request one way or another, and I’m not sure the links I mentioned were fixed either - perhaps labs were put to one side over the holiday?


I submited the form to apply to the labs some weeks ago but no answers yet.
Will I have an anwser or I need to check the project?




Thanks for your interest to this product.
We are between the Alpha and Beta period.
We’ll tell you when the beta is available.



I just checked and I now see the Bare Metal Alpha option in the sidebar on the project under Compute (perhaps it was there before now; I more commonly used the Dedicated Server/VPS side of things). Maybe it is there for you, too?

That said, it might not work. When I try to create a bare metal instance I immediately get:

Une erreur est survenue lors du chargement de la page.
Invalid region parameter
Code d’erreur : EU.manager-2.5e7a5248.10199.51c27c98-4744-44f0-aeda-faafb790bc37

But I also get this error when I just try to create a regular instance, so maybe my project as a whole is messed up. Something similar happens when I try to use Public Cloud/Network/Private Network:

An error has occurred loading the information: Invalid region parameter"

But I managed to create one anyway, which covered “SBG5, DE1, GRA7, UK1, WAW1, BHS5”.

Looking at the browser’s web console, I also see:

The given country “GB” is not supported by the chatbot.

I don’t know if this error is related, though - it could be just a generic issue. I tried changing my language from English to French but it didn’t seem to make a difference there.



Is there some updates about the status of the Lab?
Still interested in sandboxing this feature.




Any news on this beta ?

Kind regards,