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An OVH domain I've never heard about points to my server


I have had a Kimsufi server for about two years now, at IP address I recently changed my domain name from to
The thing is, I noticed yesterday that the google results that were pointing to my server included a domain that wasn’t mine.

Here it is, for reference, though I cannot recommend that you follow this link, as I have no idea what else might be behind it:
I am 100% positive that I wasn’t the one who created that domain name.

Where did it come from and why is it pointing to my server?

According to its whois, this domain is registered with OVH. But I had never heard about it until yesterday and I sure didn’t ask for its creation. It also seems to have been registered a few years before I got my server.


I dont think staff can do a lot about that.
You can easily block that Domain poiting on your server.