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[api] Buying webHosting



I’m trying to buy a webHosting throught OVH API. I’m using these
steps to do so :
’/order/cart/{cartId}/webHosting’ with parameters (duration => P1Y,planCode => perso2014, pricingMode => default, quantity => 1)
’/order/cart/{cartId}/checkout’ with parameters (waiveRetractationPeriod => false)
’/me/order/{orderId}/payWithRegisteredPaymentMean’ with parameters
(paymentMean, paymentMeanId)

But I have a 400 HTTP Error for the second step with the message
Client::BadRequest,message: Missing “webhosting_domain” (or
"legacy_domain") configuration.

Do you know why I had this error ?

Thanks in advance


Hello MeenuB1,

“webhosting_domain” is a mandatory item configuration used to configure the hosting with the specified domain name.
You can configure this using{cartId}/item/{itemId}/configuration#POST

If you don’t want to set a domain name, for now, you can use a virtual domain with “*” as a configuration value.

You will be able to check out after that.

If you still face some issues we’ll be happy to fix
Contact- Whmcsglobalservices

Whmcs Global Services