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Backup location for dedicated server




The dedicated server which I recently have lost was in Strasbourg (SBG2) - France, but I was able to recover my data cause backup storage was in Roubaix - France. I could confirm this by looking at the name of backup storage ‘’.

After replacing my services, I have got a new dedicated server in Roubaix (RBX7) - France, and after activating backup storage, the backup name is ‘’.

It does mean that both server and backup storage are in Roubaix (RBX7) - France and God forbid if anything happens to RBX7 does it mean I will lose both server and backup?

I thought it is some OVH script which allocates backup storage randomly and tried to delete backup storage and add it again but still the backup storage says ‘ftpback-rbx7-xxx…’.

What should I need to do and make sure that backup storage is coming from different data center?