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Big company and No Support At All some one should be responsible


OVH is a big big company having 100s of thousands of customers but in this big company there is no support kind of thing at all. They do not need customer care, they do not provide support. They are just a business who do not care about who is coming and who is going .
Actually the customers like me are really gave them this advantage of treating like that.

Disaster company with disaster support,
I am making these lines available here for ever that This company will be Endup Soon and this my Prediction on Behalf of the company dealing. This can not grow at all .

Thank you

Has the company stopped technical support for customers?

That’s it. In the past, they provided a very good support 24/7, now you have to open a ticket and they respond in 2 days. Next renewal I’m leaving to another company after more than 5 years with OVH.