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Blacklisted IP ranges by UCEPROTECTL3


Hi AliP. I have left you a mail on the address indicated in the footer of your page.

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Same problem for me
OVH / Outlook never ending ping pong

Hotmail / Outlook not even using ipv6

What can we do besides changing provider ?


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OVH have been delisted, however I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be listed once again.

Almost week ago, I reported client/bot who has VPS and several IP addresses from specific OVH subnet and uses them only for spam purposes.

OVH reaction? I don’t see any.

At least abuser’s mail server is still fine and continues to do damage and slowly ruins reputation of the entire subnet.

If OVH is unable to terminate one parasite and his VPS, I am afraid to think if they are able to do anything if there are more such people.


Yeah, it’s slowly rising at the moment so give it a week or so and unfortunately it’ll probably be listed or at least be close to being listed in L3 again (if it continues at the current steady pace).

I’m currently migrating my DirectAdmin server to one of the IP addresses I have with OVH, but preparing things like making sure DKIM, DMARC, SPF, PTR etc are prepared as best as possible. I’ve even signed up to Google’s Postmaster and Microsoft’s SNDS and Junk Mail Reporting Program, hoping it might aid me in minimising any likelihood of errors in sending emails to either Google or Microsoft/Hotmail/Live accounts in the future.


Let’s face it, an L3 blacklist, especially at incidents level equal 0.05% of the number of IP addresses assigned to an ASN, is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

However, if OVH receives abuse reports describing obvious spammer that affects me and other customers at the L2 level and after a week the spammer is still fine, then something is really wrong.

When I was purchasing IP addresses, I accepted the terms and conditions, just like other customers, in which I commited to take care about addresses, and OVH commited to provide addresses that are not affected by blacklists.

I don’t know, maybe it is time to change this agreement if OVH is unable to meet its terms.


Ah, I didn’t realise you had a problem with an L2 listing. Sorry to hear that. Thankfully the only problem I had was L3, the L2 for me is clean at the moment.

You’re right though, the company should be tackling spam issues, especially when many other customers no doubt try to keep their IP address(es) clean of spam or other abuse.

I’m hot on any spam issues that may rarely arise. I usually get an automated notification to such incidents (typically happens if an email account has been compromised). Automated measures kick in to help minimise it too, e.g. too many bounced emails in a specific timeframe will suspend the account concerned until I review and discuss it with whoever is responsible for the account, as well as daily thresholds in general.


L3, unfortunately, also applies to me and all clients :slight_smile:
However, I did not check what is the real impact on the delivery of e-mails caused by L3 UCEPROTECT yet, but considering how many e-mail servers are configured by such experts that these servers allow obvious email spoofing despite SPF with hardfail, DKIM and DMARC with reject policy, I would not be surprised if there is some impact.

Do you have any experience with email delivery problems caused by this L3 blacklist?


So far I’ve only been going by what some people have said here. I’ve not tried it myself yet. I should know in the coming weeks whether it affects my personal email and some of my hosted customers though (fingers crossed there will be virtually no noticeable problems with deliverability). My current IP, not from OVH, in all the time I’ve had it has never been on the L3 blacklist.


Thank you very much for the advice about register in Microsoft’s SNDS and Junk Mail Reporting Program.
However, when I added my IPs to the MS programs, I noticed that the status of all IPs is “Blocked due to user complaints or other evidence of spamming”.
I found advise that I should request Microsoft to remove the addresses from the blacklist via form.

Is this advice correct or not? Is there anything else you could recommend that can help with email deliverability and IP reputation?

So far I preferred to keep my and my clients email mailboxes on external providers servers because I know the problems associated with maintaining the mail server, even though it cost more than dedicated server.
Unfortunately, clients are growing and no one wants to offer an email service anymore, so I was finally forced to move everything to dedicated server.


That’s interesting. My SNDS for the /24 currently says: All of the specified IPs have normal status.

I guess that means I shouldn’t have issues sending to Microsoft emails. Regarding the advice, I believe contacting Microsoft is the only solution, if they agree to unblock your IP or IP range.

Unfortunately beyond what I’ve said I don’t know what else might help. I was told to consider an email warmup service at one point but have never tried such.

One other thing maybe worth mentioning, my IP whois has proper contact info and my abuse email is set. All IP addresses in the range also have my own RDNS addresses, not using OVH defaults.


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Subnet is on the L2 blacklists again and so one of my IP blocks.
Only one spammer with 9 IPs from this subnet managed to do this.
OVH completely ignored my 3 abuse reports describing this client, first sent 10 days ago, so the whole situation could’ve been prevented.

This time, subnet hangs in the balance and the IP addresses I have from this subnet.
Similarly, abuse report from 5 days ago pass unnoticed and the spammer’s server is still functioning.
In this case, only one IP was able to create such a mess for entire /16 block.

I remember that in the past I had practically only positive feelings about OVH services and now I don’t know what happened to them, that level of their negligence so high.



The one I’m on,, has had 3 of 66 in the last 7 days at the moment. Usually it’s 0 so that’s a recent development somewhere in the last week.

That’s the thing about OVH, generally they provide excellent servers and a good network, but when it comes to customer support you can often feel like you’re on your own.


I personally wouldn’t call abuse reporting “support” per se, as abuse reports can be sent by anyone, including those who are not OVH customers.
About customer support, I agree that basic level in OVH is insufficient even for a person who is able to handle the server on his own, because sometimes it takes a long time to get a reply to a ticket, but I accepted these conditions.

Abuse reports, on the other hand, should be handled with the highest priority as well as hardware or network failures.
Apparently something went wrong at OVH and they decided to stop maintaining the reputation they had earned.

Now I just feel awful that I was recommending OVH to people who asked where to buy a dedicated server ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not to mention that keeping a server whose main task is mail service/webhosting in a company that does not respond to abuse reports does not make any sense and it is just waste of money and time.

That’s the biggest problem with the whole situation.
It’s not spammers, it’s not absurd blacklist limits or L2/L3 blacklists existence, but the OVH itself generate serious issues for me and other customers by not reacting to obvious, reported incidents.


Yeah I agree, abuse reports should be handled with great attention and care. If I ever received one or noticed an issue on one or more of my servers then I would act as soon as possible to remedy the situation. Besides, the one or two I’ve very rarely received from a different server provider a long time ago usually say something like “you have 24 hours to act or your server will be taken offline”.


Here we go again.

In addition to the L2 blacklist I mentioned before, L3 blacklist is back, welcome again.

OVH solution to that is that they shamelessly continue to paste the templated answer that blames everyone, but not the OVH itself and that the customer should send email via IPv6 mails and how sorry they are for client inconvenience.

Well, I already noticed how sorry they are, especially the abuse department.


Ugh, that sucks.

Yeah I saw the L3 listing is back. I’m almost ready to migrate all my DirectAdmin sites to the IP address with OVH so that’ll be interesting to see if I start getting complaints about emails not being sent due to being blocked, or perhaps instead marked as spam automatically.

The IP block I’m on still appears to be fine on L2 with no apparent further increases, so hopefully it’ll go back to 0 shortly.

Although it’s not particularly helpful I imagine, I will update this thread with my experience regarding DirectAdmin migration and emailing.