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Blacklisted IP ranges by UCEPROTECTL3


An update to say there’s currently been no issues in the last 24 hours or so since migration completed. I tried sending myself a test email from the DirectAdmin server on an OVH IP address to both my Google Mail and Outlook email addresses. Both email addresses successfully received the test email and didn’t flag it as spam at all. Phew!


It’s good to know, thanks for your effort :slight_smile:
However, I still wonder, how to workaround my problem, because I don’t want to deal with OVH incompetence and check every day if any IP has fallen into the L2 blacklist.

I would prefer some kind of smtp relay, but the price is based on the email volume.
The second option is some cheap VPS where I can set RevDNS and where outgoing port 25 is unlocked.

Do you know any proven solution to that?
Type of service, not specific company.



Unfortunately I’ve never worked with any SMTP relay service before so can’t give any recommendations there. All I can suggest is to perhaps look around or ask on forums like WHT or LET, or alternatively perhaps if you find some services then see if there’s been any feedback left by people on places like Trustpilot.

As for service, perhaps finding a cheap VPS provider who’s not listed will work. Make sure you have the ability to change the RDNS of course, like you’ve mentioned already. Beyond that I don’t have additional suggestions sadly.


If it helps, I went with
I will remove this if someone says this isn’t allowed, but if you do want to go through a referral code click here.

When I started having issues with OVH mail deliverability, I looked into Azure and AWS - but neither would allow the use of TCP/25 outbound unless you’re a large corporate basically.

I opened an account with, span up the cheapest VPS they do and installed Postfix (actually ProxMox Mail Gateway, but it’s all Postfix really). Then I opened a support ticket with Vultr and explained my reasoning for moving to them, explained the OVH L3 block and the type of email I wanted to relay. They then allowed TCP/25 outbound from my VPS after a quick reboot.

It’s been working great ever since Mar 22 as per my older post on this forum.

So I would personally recommend Vultr for mail relay, and keep other things hosted at OVH for cost (such as websites, etc). That’s what I’ve done anyway.



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