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Can I upgrade an additional disk?


Okay, so I currently have an additional 50GB disk attached to one of my VPSes, but it’s quickly running out of space and it’s starting to look like, in spite of my best efforts, I’m going to have to upgrade it.

Problem is… I can’t? I go into the Additional Disks tab of my VPS and the storage is listed there, but the page offers no options whatsoever. Like, nothing is clickable on the list, and there’s no option to add another disk. Can I even upgrade the additional disk at all?



I invite you to read the following guide



Yeah, I read that beforehand, but that doesn’t cover my particular situation.

Here’s a screenshot:

As you can probably see, I do have an additional disk, and it’s listed, but I can’t see any option to order an upgrade for that disk or order a second one so I can start the process of replacing the first.