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Can Plesk Obsydian be installed on the VPS 2016 Cloud instances that offer the free Webadmin edition license?


Hello, I have been running a VPS 2014 Cloud for a few years now. I have succeeded in updating the Plesk Webadmin edition, which was installed as Plesk version 12, to Plesk Onyx up to 17.0.17 (after which updates have been blocked). I have also upgraded Ubuntu 14 to Ubuntu 16 (with a little bit of eyebrow sweat but in the end I did succeed). And now that Ubuntu 18 LTS has been released I may attempt to upgrade again. Unfortunately the OVH Manager does not have images for Ubuntu 16 or Ubuntu 18 which can be installed to the VPS Cloud instance.

I was wondering, if I purchase a VPS Cloud 2016 instance, and then port my data from the VPS 2014 Cloud instance, would I be able to have Ubuntu 18 LTS and Plesk 18 Obsidian (webadmin edition)? Plesk 12 is just far too outdated to be usable in 2020, it lacks so many features and has so many bugs that need fixing… I have been getting by much better with the upgrade to Plesk 17 but now I am stuck here. Perhaps I just need to sit tight a little while longer? Are there plans to release images with newer versions of the Ubuntu OS and of the Plesk webadmin? I would rather be able to install a clean instance from an image rather than manually upgrade (with all the headaches that come with the manual process, between restrictions from the OVH kernel image and Plesk needing to be almost completely reset and fixed after a system upgrade).


Plesk has three editions: Web Admin, Web Pro, and Web Host. Each license is available in one of two platform types:
-VPS, fits any virtualization platform: Virtuozzo (containers and VMs), VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, and so on.
-Dedicated, can be installed on either a VPS or a dedicated server.

Upgrades and downgrades between editions are available only for monthly lease licenses. The following upgrade paths are available:
-From Web Admin to Web Pro or Web Host
-From Web Pro to Web Host

Upgrading is also possible only within a license’s platform type: VPS licenses can be upgraded to VPS licenses, while dedicated licenses can be upgraded only to dedicated ones.
If a lower edition license with a paid extension is upgraded to a higher edition where the extension is included, the extension becomes free. If a license with a free extension is downgraded back to a lower edition where the extension is not included, the extension becomes paid again.

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