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Can send, but cannot receive emails


I’m new to OVH, just purchased a Professional Plan, with the intent to transfer over a domain that I got via Google Domains, but still has a few days to go till I can transfer it. I’ve set up an info@… email address for the domain, and logged into the webserver and set it up in Outlook. I can email out from both just fine, but I can’t send anything back to the email address. Is that because the domain isn’t yet present?


Hey! I have exactly the same issue.

Can anyone help with that?


I have the same. Can someone advice please?


You need to add MX records (plural) from OVH/Email in your DNS records list at your hosting.


Can you please be more exact? What records?


Hi @TeresaC

I see that they have revived an old theme, but in case you ever read us again, could you solve it? you tell us so we can help you in detail