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Can`t enable SSL for cluster in multisite


i have three entries in my multisite

I have got SSL enabled for my [domainname].pl and for www.[domainname].pl. But I can`t enable one for [randomname] When I try to do so i receive error “An error has occurred when modifying the domain/s of your hosting plan.”

Should I be able to enable SSL for that entry? Moreover - that partical entry points to my wordpress website, so one can access my wordpress website without SSL if know full hosting cluster name.

And one more thing - i dont have SSH access to my server - how can I restart apache service then?


Hi @PiotrK ! I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Were you able to solve it?


unfortunately no. I left it as it is. I assumed that ive got ssl enabled for my domain and www.[mydomain] and its enough.