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Can't cancel/return server



I am trying to cancel my dedicated server.
When I get the email I click the link, but it doesn’t show the form and only 'Cancel a service’
Been trying since Sunday 24th June.

Have tried the link in Firefox, MS Edge and Google Chrome



Same issue here.



If you contact OVH Support they should be able to process the cancellation for you, or you can disable any automatic renewal on the server and it will be terminated after expiry.



Hi @AnthonyR,
Does this mean that basically we’re still billed for a service we did our best to cancel unless we contact the support (which usually responds with… quite some delay)?


Hi @OleksandrZ,

The billing team should be able to provide a refund if a renewal has taken place after the cancellation request.

Many thanks,



This has been sorted for me, I phone up OVH and they talk me through it.
If you have a OVH office in your country number you can call and I spoke with billing.




Pleased to hear this is resolved if anyone else is having such as issue @GazCBG is correct, give your local OVH Subsidiary a call and they can help.



I am also facing same issue from last 1 Month, If you found any solution Please let me know.


Hi @JohnV

Just by calling the OVH contact numbers you solve the problem and avoid wasting a lot of time

Since skype they do not charge you fees, here I leave it below

OVH Customer Service
Toll free