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Can't create vrack, all interfaces have "NO-CARRIER"


I’m trying to create a vrack between 2 servers, both STOR-2.

One of them has ubuntu 20.04 and I created it without issues by following this

the other one is an older ubuntu 18, I tried by following the same guide (even if the rest of the IPs are not set with netplan, but in /etc/systemd/network/ ) and with other methods, but without success.

There are 4 eno* interfaces, I tried with all of them (except eno3 with is the public one) but all of them give a “NO-CARRIER”:

the same thing if I simply turn them up with ifconfig.

I rebooted the server multiple times.
The ovh manager says the vrack is set up, and I have 1gbps private bandwidth.

Any idea how could I do?