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Cant setup bridge ip on an esxi dedicated server HELP


I have installed a vmware esxi server as my dedicated server . On the esxi environment i have installed a windows 2016 server . My plan is to install three centos servers as well. I have a public ip adress for the esxi machine and 4 for servers . In the documentation on about “bridge ip” they describe a procedure where hyper V is installed on the windows server machine but it is not on mine.
The only thing I did on my server is

  • create a manual mac address on the ip failover adress and put it on the windows machine
  • define the ip failover as the ip address on windows
  • define the gateway ip adress as the esxi ip adress with the last digit replaced by 254.
    It does not work . What do i miss ? . Is it feasible to setup bridge ip without Hyper V
    Thanks for you help



i am not a ovh expert , so i might be mistaking
but i guess there will be no other replies except mine.)

My guess is , you need to create a virtual machine with router os , lime MikroTik and install failover ip as a public IP , setup router in the bridge mode and map local ips to your other VM’s they will be router into the public internet via your failover ip .
this is what i have done in the past.

if you want all your VM’s to be accessible from outside you need failover ip for each of them

good luck