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CentOS 6 support


I have a question, as you might know the lowest CentOS version support naitively given by OVH is CentOS 7. For my usecase i need CentOS 6 and not CentOS 7 or higher. Is there any way this would be possible?

Sincerely, Jonathan.



Sadly since Centos 6 reached its end-of-life, we no longer offer this operating system as it no longer gets security patches. As a provider we also have the responsibility to ensure the operating systems we provide still receive security patches.

In conclusion on a VPS, you will not be able to use Centos 6, however I actually made a guide on how you can use your own image on Public Cloud. You just need to download the Centos 6 cloud image (qcow) which you can find here:

Then you can follow this guide:

Just be aware that Centos 6 is end-of-life so be careful :wink: