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Change Project Contacts


i try to follow this docs for transfer my public cloud project to another ovh account. I have all requirements but when i click on “edit” i am redirect to the ovh manager home page…

When you click on Edit you will be taken to a new page which lets you modify your contacts:

Is there any solutions ?



Give it a try on the control panel here:

If you still have issue, you can contact customer support via a ticket and they can help you.

Important: the billing contact cannot be changed if your account and the destination account are not registered with the same OVHcloud subsidiary by default. So if you are registered with OVHcloud UK but the destination billing account is with OVHcloud IE, the transfer will not work due to some contract complications. But do check with the billing department in a ticket should you need help from them with it.


we might have a similar issue. A college of mine wants to add me as co-admin to DNS zone and is getting this error:

An error has occurred requesting a change of contact: Administrator and billing contacts should remain in the same subsidiary.

How we I figure my/his subsidiary? How do I change it? Where did I set the subsidiary during registration? I don’t remember being asked such a thing.

Thanks for any help or clarification.



The subsidiary is decided during the registration and it is based on the country of residence you have selected. It will then populate the subsidiary field (its a drop down) based on the country of residence you have selected. Some countries might be able to select another subsidiary.

This is because the country does not have a local subsidiary (office) but due to factors such as language of the country, multiple subsidiaries can accommodate you as a customer. A good example is Switzerland. Since locals may speak French or German, we allow customers living in Switzerland to choose to register with OVHcloud France or OVHcloud Germany.

Changing subsidiaries is not possible due to several factors such as a possible pricing, currency, terms and conditions and policy differences.

I would recommend you to reach out to support to find out what would be the best option in your case to do. You might need to create new account(s) and then you will be able to change them.