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Commercial conditions for affected clients


My VPS was located in SBG1 and I have been informed that it can not be put back into service.
Therefore, I am assuming that the solution is to order a new VPS and I will get some kind of refund.
But the problem is that the VPS I had (VPS Cloud RAM 1) is no longer available for new contracts, the VPS available do not have the same technical specifications I had, and the prices are significantly higher.
It seems obvious to me that all clients affected should have the right to choose the exact same commercial and technical conditions they had before the accident, especially because we have been waiting a long time for a solution and we are loosing clients every day because of this.
I ask you to please tell me how can I contact the commercial department in order to solve this?


I totally agree with @Rui_PauloD thoughts. After such an incident at least we need to conserve the same VPS specifications and same costs otherwise we will be forced to migrate to another cloud provider by our clients. Our clients can’t afford both the downtime and an increase in monthly billing.
Thanks for your contributions.


My OVH ID is: dp663932-ovh
I have 40 VPS affected by SBG1 incidents, 7/40 VPS are recovered (on 22/3/2021, 12 days offline), 33/40 VPS have been down since 10/3/2021 and Non-recoverable.
OVH notified: "For each customer concerned: A billing suspension notification for the month of March has been added in the Customer Control Panel. Commercial actions have been indicated, the details of which will be communicated this week."
All of these 40 VPS are paid for the March-2021 billing cycle (on 02/Mar/2021). Please OVH refund or add equivalent credit to my account and do not charge for the next billing cycle.
@FlorentD: please check and support me.


I don’t really think anyone from OVH is reading this posts.
It has been 6 days since they created this forum, and until now not a single representative of OVH answered any of the topics.


Update 28/3/2021: no one from OVH contacts me.
I have just disabled the automatic renewal.
Please OVH refund or add equivalent credit to my account for 40 affected VPS in SBG incident (7/40 offline in 12 days, 33/40 VPS offline in 20 days).


Ok so i assume that this is a kind of Boxe gym to let the clients confide but as i can see, if you are not a client with many expansive services applied they will be not available to talk or chat to you, if yes than you have the ways to talk directly with them and solve your doubts.
You know what? we are in Eu and class actions are not allowed, i think my next choice will be an american server house, their laws to clients put suppliers in a different position than here.


Ihave been noticed that my VPS will be not putted back in service too, i don’t need to rebuild another position to something gone up in “holy” smoke, at least what i want is that the credit be applied to the other services i have “alive” in OVH, but nobody say nothing about that and i’m still paying for it… is this a serious way to relate to customers? if someone by OVH is still alive please strike a shot!


I have just received a credit note for the affected VPS in the SBG incident.


Hi all, my VPS too have been impacted and resulted Not recoverable.
While my plan was the VPS 2018 SSD 1 (2,99 euro + sales tax per month), I found the current Starter VPS plan with the same minimum specs I had.

On 13/03 they wrote an email saying

Nous appliquerons a posteriori une gratuité équivalente à 6 fois le montant de votre facture de février 2021 pour ce service.

I already received a credit note but I would like just a replacement VPS in Gravelines.
Can someone confirm we must proceed with a new order on our own & use the given credit to pay?
But on Strasbourg datacentre: latest information you can read they are offering equivalent services in other datacentres to all customers (VPS 34% of VMs are again offered).
Did anyone receive an offer like that? Should we wait for it? I would love if they offer to setup the same VPS in Gravelines.

P.S. I forgot to mention this FAQ where you can “replace your services” but the table is empty for me.



where did u guys find the “credit note”? Is it something like prepaid fund? I had VPS paid for a whole year and it was affected but I can’t find anywhere this “credit note” that you are talking about and OVH is silent…


I too have received a credit note but cannot see a replace button on my BMS as per Fabio’s comment. I can see the latest update says 84% have been offered, does that mean I am in the last 16%?

I asked for clarification on the support ticket I had open as to whether I should be ordering services or waiting, which came back with a copy paste from the status update.

Could someone from OVH clarify this?

Are we supposed to be ordering, waiting for a replace button or waiting for a server to appear in another centre?

I found this link although I have nothing in my list, maybe some of you might find it helps?