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Community Forum Login Issues / Lack Of Response


I have enormous difficulty logging into the community forum. I enter my email and password (for my OVH account), receive a phone text for two-factor authentication, and I m briefly shown as logged in… but then anything I do is treated as if I am not logged in. But then, if I try to log in again it says I am already logged in.

Somehow I have succeeded today and am able to post this. By happy accident I returned to a previous page in my browsing history and bingo - am logged in.

Having logged in (and thus able to find two previous queries), I find neither of them have been answered (after 26 days)… so what is the use of having a forum at all?

I’m sorry to have to say this, because the OVH set-up appears quite slick, but underneath there are wrinkles which leave a sour taste. Personally I have had issues with payment (for no good reason), arbitrary censorship, and breech of promise.