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Complaint about OVH protecting and offering services for clear fraud subjects


Hello, as OVH has more than a blind eye towards fraud/phishing/spam - We do not have much hope that it is going to be resolved, but if someone could take a look to issue #DBNJVWKFST we have opened at your services…

Recently a well known pharmacy spam campaign (Canadian pharmacy scam) has decided to host one of their fraud pharmacy stores on OVH.

We want that you for once stop aiding spam/abuse and take a look to the issue we reported over this ticket.



We have informed you also on Twitter… No reply… We gave our client for who we are reporting this the information to contact you on Facebook… No reply as they told us.

We really would love to get in contact with a serious and honest guy from OVH so we can discuss how to solve this problem. But all OVH does offer is non-personal and fully uneffective abuse handling services.

Wondering when OVH takes things like that serious.


There is even an entry in Spamhaus DBL towards the reported IP/domain in the ticket we submitted. This resource about which we too made you aware of is now taking part in a spam/fraud botnet - which is explained also more in detail here:

This is a long time pharmacy spam operation which uses both bullet proof hosting and botnets to host their sites.

They have hundreds of hosting company terminations.

A Russian host states: “I don’t know why “Canadian Pharmacy” uses our hosting, but we think that this rascal is from Russia. He always registers different accounts and uses VPN and proxy. When we learn the fact of fraud, we are suspending it. Then these scammers turn to our support and say that he is not guilty and does not know who posted the site on the server. This is the same and we think that there is one person behind this.”


That issue was resolved. But not because of OVH - but because of the IP being leased by a third-party-client who is using OVH’s hosting capabilities.

Needlessly to say, issue was solved in around one day, while with OVH directly… IF the resource would have been actually hosted in a direct way on OVH itself - then this issue would have no solution - not in 2 days, not in one month, not in one year.

And that says a lot about OVH and it’s “competence” - Sorry to say.