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Connection Rufesed - MySQL Server Remote Access


I am trying to connect to my MySQL server remotely. I want to separate web-server and database-server. I have already installed mysql-server on my VPS , I have done bind IP = and added a user admin@’%’ , but I still can’t access to MySQL remotely from another web server with error (HY000/2002): Connection refused.

Can anyone help me here please?
Does OVH not allow remote connection?


I have the same problem.

@WaqasI, did you fix it?


Hi Waqasl.

It’s funny: I get access to my MySQL from a lot of hosts but not from some of I need to get access to it.
I’ve added rules on OS firewall, the OVH console writes that there is not a network firewall active on my server, but I got the following two responses from nmap:

3306/tcp open MySQL

3306/tcp filtered MySQL

And I’ve queried the same IP but from two different hosts.

I see that you are waiting for a reply for over six months.
Did you change service supplier?


may be refer to this guide you might have missed some points here. do exactly and hopefully you will be able to access mysql remotely.