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Connection to outside services from a pod


We have migrated our production application to OVH’s kubernetes.

In general the transition went smoothly. We only have one problem with randomly breaking connection to “the world outside a pod”.
Most of the time connection is fine, but from time to time our app, when connecting to :

  • MariaDb database from your infrastructure
  • error reporting system (
  • mail (used as part of i.e. registration process or internal notification)
    we receive exception “Host is unreachable” or “Failed to open TCP connection to (getaddrinfo: Name does not resolve)” or “Mysql2::Error::ConnectionError: Unknown MySQL server host 'km…”

I.e. it happened 5660 times duting last 24 hours

I would think it is a problem on our side, but it is happening only randomly for some % of traffic only.

I would appreciate your advice (customer support haven’t answered anything for a few days already).