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Constructive community members censoring


A teammate (@raphaeld) posted multiple times about features (but also limitations) of the Openstack setup underlying the OVH offer (some of these limitations affecting our organization).

  • … about instance downgrading
  • … about CORS, object storage and private container
  • … about boot volume detaching

All posts were being technically sound, professionally written (and actually insightful).
Nonetheless this user’s profile was disabled without prior notice, all posts hidden and provided no way to contacts forum administrators (which mostly sound inactive by the way)

Given the time it takes to write good post/bug-reports and their use of other OVH customer (aka community members), this looks totally unacceptable.
We would like to request the reactivation of the account and the restoration of the posts.

On the contrary we’d appreciate a public answer from OVH about community management practices.
Thank you