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Create dummy Appl. Server on DWP with Firewall


I have a DWP, I’ve configured the firewall some days ago:


I then installed a dummy npm/express server running on port 3000.
If I call it from the DWP, it answers correctly.

If I try from my home PC, or from another different DWP, it fails (impossible to connect to remote server, probably is just a timeout).

I tried executing the call using:

  • the dwp IP
  • the service name,
  • the reverse address,

Result is always the same, no connection.

Am I missing something? Is the DWP (VPS 2018 SSD 2) not configured by default to be reachable from Internet?
Is this configurable?

I wasn’t able to find a manual or a thread to follow and understand what is the problem.