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Customer Service SUCKS ! - communication online is death - phone lines stay death too - tickets are rarely replied - looks like a big SCAM here


I recently tried to subscribe for the first time for a VPS server in the cloud via on 17th of june 2020 recently

-Meanwhile I got zero feedback by mail on the success of my purchase, blackbox since 2 days now…

-Customer service phone line are not working, nobody answers.

-Tried to create a few tickets in their customer service system, no answers at all, blackbox since 2 days now…

-Tried to unsubscribe my account …functionality is missing on their site.
-Got a shot link from the DPO officer though, A link that does not work by the way.
-My order is luckily not paid yet but I eve canceling is impossible in the useless UI on my profile site.

-This all together looks a bit like a scam if you ask me

I was asking myself now…is there anything out there that does work in the end , is there anybody out there that could assist me on this, answer or pick up the phone at least as a courtesy ?