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DDNS and client for windows computer



Is there any clinet dedicated for OVH DynDNS?
Or do you have any working DDNS client on Windows computer?
If no - how you update DDNS record from Windows?

I was looking for some client and most of them have predefined DDNS operators and non of themhave OVH.
At OVH page there is no any proposed/suggested clients for this.

I’m a little bit dissapointed that OVH don’t provides such clients or at least propose some working solutions.


Je suis dans le même cas que toi
pas de client windows DDNS OVH
et OVH ne propose pas de solution


I am sure that there is a problem in on OVH side - I get information that host does not exist in database in my ddclient - but I configured everything in OVH… I am so tired using them there is freaking problem with everything including domain renew which I was charged twice!