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Decrease Public Cloud instance resources


I have a Ubuntu 18.04 instance with r-60 model. My current usage does not require that big instance so how can I decrease the instance resources. If I try to change the instance image, I can only increase it. The lower options have the following text and they are grayed out: “The disk space is lower than that of the current model”

It does not matter if everything is deleted, when changed to lower resource instance, but I would like to have the same IP after the change. Is that possible?


Decrease Public Cloud instance resources by:-

  1. Find Unused or Unattached Resources
  2. Identify and Consolidate Idle Resources
  3. Utilize Heatmaps
  4. Right Size Computing Services
  5. Invest in AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) or Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs)
  6. Take Advantage of Spot Instances
  7. Consider Multi-Cloud vs. Single Cloud

Hope this information is helpful to you.