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Dedicated Server IP addressing


Hi Folks,

I’m fairly new to OVH and have purchased a dedicated server (Advance-3). The server is running vmware 6.7 with a handful of Windows and Linux based vms. I have purchased a couple of IP blocks (/29 and /30) and am using OVHs bridging method to publically address them. This is however causing us major problems with one of my hosts in terms of networking due to the need to use a gateway address (the need for a .254 gateway). My Windows servers can handle this gateway despite the fact that is is outside the official network boundary but the Linux hosts won’t tolerate it, so in these cases, the IP address and gateway addresses are the same with a /32 mask.

To overcome this, I would like to add a dedicated router (vm) which will be one of the ony public facing hosts, and route the /29 through it. This way, all the hosts can use a /29 mask and the router will be the default gateway for everything destined for the Internet.

I’m not vmware knowledge isn’t the best but I’m learning as I go. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for your advice.