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Delivery delay - It's been over 24 hours




Although 1 day has passed, the delivery process is still pending.
“Being processed”

I could not get my server because it was writing information and although it was over 24 hours. I have to finish my urgent job but what is the reason you kept me waiting? I submitted a support request and no response was provided.




The delay is normal if you customized the order when ordering the server.

You can also go through the following reasons below.

  1. You bought on a non-working day or a weekend, therefore that day will not be taken into account

  2. The order actually, although it is being prepared, is in the validation department (it can take up to 72 hours)

  3. Although I already mentioned it before, if you added accessories to the order or customized it, this may take between 5 and 10 business days to be delivered

  4. Sometimes the order can be delayed up to 48 working hours, it does not count weekends or non-working days

In the opposite case that you notice any irregularity with the delivery of your order, please contact OVH during business hours

At least in Latin America, the billing department works between 8 or 9 AM until 3 in the afternoon (it can vary by Christmas)

As for the European or Asian time, I do not know the same and equally their telephones or contact forms

I leave this for you here

OVH Customer Service

(The call is free via Skype with +1)

I hope I have clarified or helped you

Carlos Frias SysAdmin