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Different DNS and Connections on VPS Service HELP


Hi people :smiley:
Im new on this thinks thats why i want to ask help to the community.
Sorry for my bad english on start!

I have a VPS and i bought a domain.

Whats my request/problem?

I want to hide if possibile my IP and block DNS connection on web… i try to explain better

On my VPS i have some service and i connect to them my “dns”
• Web Site - web.dns-com
• Voice Server - voice.dns-com
• Game Server game.dns-com

1- Problem (Block different dns to access same service)
For example if i put on internet game.dns-com i can see my website… i want to block that
I want web.dns-com access only web, voice.dns-com access only on my voice service… and same for game… how can i do it?



I forget to add second problem haha

I want people can access my service only with dns and not with IP address
How can i dot it? Thanks