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DNS - GoDaddy external domain www.domain - Site not installed



I have set up DNS for and (and also subdomain shop) on GoDaddy.
I have then set up SSL for the first one on OVH.

But for www, the edit button of the domain is a little bit transparent, and is not clickable, and I can’t set up the SSL for it. So i guess that’s why when I access the site www, it displays a page OVH “site not installed”.

(I have the exact same setup for the .com and they are working fine).

Can anyone help me please ?



It works now without any changes.
Anyone know why ?
curl -v
Indicated the right IP but ended up 404 response “site not installed”, but now it is ok.
It means that Godaddy was correctly pointing to IP but on OVH side, it couldn’t match domain name.
Is it an OVH tool DNS cache that was slow please ?
Anyone have a hint on this please ?


you can google for your solution most of chances that from google you can get your answer when I want to ask some thing I always google first then post here.