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DNSSEC and .IT extension not supported by OVH


Hi, i was trying to activate DNSSEC over my .it domain but actually this extesion it is not supported by OVH… anybody knows if and when they plan to implement it for .IT domains?

Thank you all in advance for any reply



Hello @MassimilianoV ,

if the registry does not allow dnssec, OVHcloud does not offer it.

I will let you eventually turn to external solutions to find an alternative.



Thank you for the quick reply @FabL , well, for what i know it’s since 2018 that .it domains are allowed to use DNSSEC, depends on the registar, i mean if it is credited or not for registering by DNSSEC; here is the link to use to be credited

And here the article that say DNSSEC it’s available since Sept 2018 …

Anyway, i will be glad if OVH will release this service for .it as well, but , eventually, what alternative could i find as you suggest?

Thank you in advance,



Any news?