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Domain name transfer validation emails & form in French or English?



I’ve posted this question on the French community but got no answer so far.
Maybe you would know more as you are the most concerned by the topic.

I’m about to buy and transfer a domain name to OVH. The seller is American and doesn’t speak French.

But the transfer procedure is initiated on OVH, the validation emails are sent by OVH and “the two parties provide their validation through an OVH interface”…

So question: are those emails and this validation interface in English or French? As even in the screen shot of the procedure in English is in French :-/
Are the emails both in French and English? Can the seller select “English” on the validation form?

Thanks for your help.
Best regards


HI. I see you get no response…
I just transferred 10 DNs to OVH & it took a while. Still giving me some problems…
Right now I’m regretting changing Registrants to OVH because I am English, (really) & I get confronted by French language explanatory windows which I do not understand… Waste of time for me.
I don’t think OVH is interested, or they would have sorted it by now. Big company, plenty of resources, but they don’t/are not capable of providing a decent service to me in UK, who only speaks English (+ German & Svensk)
I’m still waiting for my emails to be transferred successfully… Vital for me, but does OVH care?? Doesn’t look like it right now.

OVH reminds me of Dads Army… But they happily take my money & I get confusion…
Anybody at OVH want to respond??


I do not hold my breath…
None of the ‘Suggested Topics’ fit my dilemma.