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Domain purchase problem


Ummm, i almost bought domain but i dont want to do it can i cancel my order? My PayPal account has been charged and i want my money back


Hello @JanekL,

If the order form has just been generated without payment, no debit will be made.

However, if the payment method has been entered and the payment has been finalised, it will not be possible to make a refund.

What is the domain name concerned?



Hi, @FabL i am also having issue with domain purchase, opened ticket, sent message on twitter but no one even bother to reply back … is this company exists?


Hello @umar,

I see that you have received feedback on the ticket. I invite you to read it and respond if necessary.



Hi @FabLwhen i register domain in next 5 seconds it’s in my account, with ovh i registered domain 2 days back and still it’s not showing in my account, so if it’s that difficult for you guys i would like you to cancel my order and refund my money … thanks