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domain you do not want to reconfigure


hello everyone, I’m fighting with the standard support of ovh who doesn’t want me to solve the problem. I have a domain and web hosting, and on the web hosting is the old site. I made a free external site and used the redirection of the domain to make it point. the result was not up to the task, so I deleted the redirection and recreated the record pointing to the web hosting of ovh where there is the multisite. Nothing, here it doesn’t want to work anymore and all the correct options seem to be there. By the way, I tried to delete the multisite to recreate it, but it only deleted the a records and not the multisite because the primary for that hosting. How can I fix it, since the site has been offline for two days and the standard support can’t fix it? maybe the only way is to transfer everything to another provider? I have almost 200 domains in ovh and dozens of web hosting, and it’s really scandalous that the support ended up so low.
thank you