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Edge Network Firewall: packet not dropped


Hello everyone,

My bare metal server is often under attack and trig OVH mitigation.
To limit overload, I have configured and activated the OVH “Edge Network Firewall”.

The amount of dropped packet from my soft Firewall decrease but I still receive few unwanted packets.
example: TCP:80 or TCP:22 from (VietNam Post and Telecom Corporation)

Does somebody has an idear?
thanks by advance

Here is my “Edge Network Firewall” config:
“Edge Network Firewall”: activated
prio=0 action=accept protocol=TCP ESTABLISH=true
prio=1 action=accept protocol=ipv4 source_ip=<myIP>
prio=19 action=deny protocol=ipv4 source_ip=all
mitagation: activation=permanent.