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Email Alias Support: Is it possible to use the Email Alias as the "Sent From" address


I am currently giving OVH pro email offering a trial run and I have setup Multiple Domains with 1 account and Aliases. I have no issue receiving emails but I would also like to be able to send emails from the Alias accounts in addition to the main email account. I would like to know if this is possible before I commit to setting up any further accounts. I feel the Alias function would be useless without it.


Hello @TrevorJ

I have not used this OVH service before but I can suggest that, if you use a Roundcube-type webmail, you may need to add the alias in the Webmail configuration so that you can send messages with it, verify this that I have told you and us let me know



Hi @sysdop ,

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the late response, No it’s not the RoundCube type mail its the Outlook type webmail solution and it seems that it’s not possible to send emails from an alias address, you can only receive them.

Instead, I have gone with Zoho Mail as this offered the best solution for what I was trying to achieve.