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Email folders nested in inbox, how to move to top level?


Hi guys, I bought a perso2014 hosting plan last week, for my email and a Wordpress site. It’s all up and working, my domain has transferred, DNS seems ok and Wordpress is online, but my email account has the wrong folder structure and I can’t see how to fix it. The behaviour I want is for all special folders to be at the top level, not within the inbox.

At the moment, the system folders (sent, drafts, spam, trash) are nested inside the inbox instead of being at the top level. When I set up the account in Outlook, Outlook created another set of folders at the top level, but when I delete the nested ones they are auto-recreated. In Roundcube webmail it doesn’t seem to be possible to delete or move the nested folders at all.

Can I fix this myself in Roundcube or my hosting account? I don’t see where but maybe i’m doing this wrong.

I found this support ticket

which seems to be the same issue, and one of the OVH devs responded that it was a bug which has been fixed, but when I look at the pull request he linked, I don’t see that it mentions this issue. Should I file a new bug?