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Error running a Podman container on a Centos 7 VPS


I’m trying to run (as root) the simplest Podman command on my VPS in order to see if it works:

podman --storage-driver=vfs run -it --rm alpine echo hello

But this command gives me the error:

ERRO[0008] Error adding network: failed to create bridge "cni0": could not add "cni0": permission denied 
ERRO[0008] Error while adding pod to CNI network "podman": failed to create bridge "cni0": could not add "cni0": permission denied 
Error: error configuring network namespace for container e7c84c1241a5f80864c7c23bae2dfbee43449ab261417c309dac30730b4aa739: failed to create bridge "cni0": could not add "cni0": permission denied

Anyway, as I cannot be more privileged than root, why do I get the “permission denied” error? I’m supposing that it’s because of the shared kernel between virtual machines, but I don’t know how to get around/fix this error.

Now, I’m running this on a 2014 VPS, but I use this old VPS as a testbed for my 2018 production VPS, so maybe the 2018 VPS has a kernel configured differently than the 2014 VPS, so while Podman does not work on the 2014 VPS, it does not necessarily mean that it will not work on a 2018 VPS. I just don’t want to mess with the production machine to find that out.

So my question is:
Has anyone been able to run Podman containers on a VPS and how?

Thank you.


It seems that you have not installed CNI plugins. Yo can check this guide (step 4):


I couldn’t manage to get Podman working on the OVH Centos 7 instance, however on the Centos 8 instance it works like a charm, so I resolved it that way