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Error when i try to send mail from my gmail account to my webmail server


I have an error code. I use IMSCP. I think i need add some extra dns zone in manager.
521 No Redirect Entry for this address


Hello @SandorS,

You try to send an email from Gmail to your OVH email account? What is destination domain name? (after the @).



Yes i try to send from my gmail account. is my domain.


You have a domain name but no mail solution. Your MX field is empty so it’s logical you can’t receive any email.

2 solutions :

1/ Either you have a mail solution and MX fields in your DNS zone must be changed with your delivery server
2/ Or creating a redirection on an alias (a mail not existing but used as a relay).



Thanks for help.
I don’t set my MX record, and CNAME record. I set is now and it work as fine.


Hi Francois and SandorS,

I’m also experiencing the same issue. I added web hosting to my account yesterday and since then I’m having the 521 no redirect entry for this address prompt as well.

What do I need to change in my MX fields? I tried updating the email redirections as well to no avail.

Thanks in advance.



I just created an email but I cant recieve any emails from gmail or others.

Can you please help.

I get this error: 521 No Redirect Entry for this address


Hello HafidaE,
have you added MX record of your delivery server in your MX DNS record?


Afflospark - We are using OVH Webmail itself. What should we add now ?


I have a domain name, hosting solution, and also mail solution. i selected all default settings while configuring the mail account. I am using OVH Webmail itself for email, but i am still getting this error. Can you help to solve this issue


thanks for sharing a suitable answer.