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Hard Drives causing server to die



Hey peeps,

Really hope someone can shed some light on this for me.
Ive been attempting to configure my new server for the past 3 weeks.
I have paid 2 companies to attempt to do it both have failed.
they both fail when it comes to the HDD’s.
The server has 2 x 256gb SSD and 4 x 12TB HDD
the OS (CloudLinux) gets installed on the SSD. but when it comes to mount and raid the HDD’s the server fails after a reboot.

the only reason ive paid to have the server setup is because i know absolutely nothing about mounting drives and raid etc, I am able to do the rest of the setup.

Any ideas why when they RAID 10 the 4 HDDs the server dies?


I wish I could help you - but if you do ever get a reply from Support please do update? None of us seem to be able to raise the dead in OVH!


If for some reason you didn’t opt to setup raid on the 4x12tb drives in the ovh installer, MD can be setup manually without issues right in CloudLinux. Boot fail suggests whoever set them up, didn’t do the mounts correctly. If you’re still looking for help, just shoot me a dm