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Host shoutcast server on vps Elite is limited by ovh


We have an radio,which use shoutcast server, we have more than 3000 listeners at 128kbps. We use sonicpanel that give us ssl link and manage servers.
We get an response from ovh team: Thank you for contacting OVHcloud Customer Support. In regards to the following as you’re using a VPS for a heavy task you’re using shared resources on the host of which other users may be using.
You may face some difficulties running heavy tasks.
On website write we have 8 cpu, 8 gb ram and 2gbps bandwidth that is only for us and A dedicated environment
You can use all of your hardware resources for hosting websites or business applications — and you get admin access to your virtual server, too. With our VPS range, you can manage your web projects in a server environment that is scaled to suit your usage. , is wrong what i say ?
We have an server which have more than 2000 listeners whick is killed automaticaly after 2-3 day (or less).
If we split on more shoutcast servers to split usage on only one process to more processes will be the same ?
We dont understand what limit is … for one process or for whole vps usage . Now shoutcast servers are killed random after a while .
Any solution to this to avoid dedicated server ?
Thanks all,
Best regards