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Hosting deactivated : how to restore?


Hello community!

Few days ago I received an email from OVH telling me that my hosting plan has been closed because my domain has been compromised and used for fraudulent purposes (sending spam, web redirects, malware distribution …).

My website (built with wordpress) has been online for few years now and last time I updated it was last year so I don’t understand what happened.

On this hosting, I have two mains domains installed and both are now offline.

I would like to put them back online, but I have no idea how to do so. How can I make sure to not lost my datas and have a secure website from now?

I would really appreciate if someone could assist me with this?

Thank you for reading me



Hola! Puedes acceder por FTP y descargar los archivos de la web, y en tu ordenador, utilizar un antivirus sobre los archivos. Cuando asegures unos archivos limpios, súbelos de nuevo por FTP.
Si el malware se ha instalado en la base de datos, eso es más difícil de solucionar. Deberás utilizar alguna copia de la base de datos que esté libre de virus.

Es poca ayuda la que te presto, pero espero te sirva.


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